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A few enchanting examples of London. Everything is under threat from the bullying bulldozer, but maybe some will escape from an early demise. Let's hope so.

tottenham court road tube mosaics Tottenham Court Road Mosaics
Down at the tube station. Not the original fittings, but a very fitting and worthy replacement.

painted wall adverts Painted Wall Adverts
Old London reveals itself behind a thick coat of paint, and some bad decorations.

protesters Protesters & Eccentrics
Growing biolog on the varieties of loud protestors London has had to suffer I mean love endearingly.

london buildings Building Selection #1
A few architectural sightings of mine which I'd thought I'd better mention before it's too late.

london sights Building Selection #2
Even more London type treasures that you may or may not like to see. You can always shut your eyes.

london things Building Selection #3
Nil desperandum, for I have an even further page of places I have enjoyed in Londinium. Lend me your ears, and eyes.

london things Building Selection #4
Hello. It's me again, aiming to cheer up your days with some more photos of London. This is too exciting for words.

Savoy Hotel, London Savoy Hotel
Ten star hotel is the Strand's answer to elegance. It has everything about an old time haunt that you ever dreamt about.


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