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About this Site.....

A very warm welcome to the London Destruction website, based in London, England. This site reflects the concerns of one individual. That's me. You may or may not agree with my tastes. That's your privilage. But I just had to put finger to keyboard on this one. It's so sad to see all of these splendid buildings and traditions wiped off the face of the earth. We have lost so many wonderful things, and others remain under threat. But in my time I have seen architecture mutilated or broken up mainly because of unkind redevelopment, and this hurts me.

I love the old London Architecture. As you can see from my favourites list, it can be varied, but of course, like most people, I am pulled towards the decorative arts of the Victorians. Who can resist the way that they worked to make all of their buildings so beautiful, even finishing them with a marker showing the year that the place was completed. This date marker becomes more significant with the passing of time, as these palaces make a mockery of their newer sadder neighbours, as the latest crackpot designers find nothing to better the creative mastery of centuries ago. Utter damnation.

So here, for better of for worse, is a gathering of a few items in the form of an Internet Website. Its not an official hit-list, but its the melting pot of places that have interested me and forced me to write about them. The first such place, and inspiration for this site, was the Euston Arch. I just couldn't believe that such a thrilling design that had lived with Londoners for so long could be struck down and murdered for nothing. But the video evidence is there, the Arch did indeed exist, and was butchered into cold granite dust. So I set up this site in 2001, and wrote about the dear old Arch. But no sooner than I had worked this and some other pages, then we had the horrific happenings of 9/11, and the end of those wonderful structures across the pond. Time to put some more thoughts into text. Yes folks, I love buidings the world over, and will remark on them from time to time, but i'm a Londoner, and very concerned with its destruction. And as London collapses into the fires of hell, I shall hopefully still be around to report it on this here website.

So please do read through these thoughts and observations, and if possible, air your displeasure to the authorities. These nasty people need to be told! And jolly good luck to you too. Enjoy London's Architecture whilst you can. Cheerio!

The London Destruction Website.