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The Author

How Charles sees himself

Here's a short piece on this site's author. Firstly, might I thank you for gracing this site, and I hope you have a lot of fun whilst you're aboard, even if its quite a morbid, tragic subject. I do apologise for the appalling spelling and grammar that litters this site. I dispair, for it was my misfortune to only have an elementary education. And yet I love the English language, and my meanderings are reproduced for you here, in some shape or form of colloquial codswallop.

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London buildings, and even tho theres something to be said for keeping a city dynamic and subject to continual rebuilding and structuring, I think theres a point where one should look at it as a treasured work of art, which needs to be saved and preserved. This point has been reached many a time by my standards, and its got to a point that I dispair more and more over the damage and destruction being done, mainly just for profit, or sometimes just as a quick fix for items politically impossible to sensibly address.

How Charles really is

I've lived in London all of my life, I think I can tell when something needs either replacing or preserving, but as ever these notions are subject to personal taste. But i'm totally convinced that there is no real protection for our heritage, and that the architects and speculators are in control. Nothing is sacred to them, and it's getting worse. Something has to be done, and i'm so grateful that this internet thing is at my disposal, maybe I can make some people see the light.

Oh yes, all about me. Well, what does one need to know? I suppose i've said it all. I would love to give a detailed biography with photographs, but lets face it, the internet is full of very naughty persons, so I cant. So you'll just have to guess the rest. I could say, however, that I was an incorruptable and penniless tap-dancing bohemian, but I wont. Come on, spill the beans! [no]

Ok... so I'm a Londoneer, I love its buildings (the older the better) and i'm resistant to change. And why not?

The London Destruction Website.