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London's Churches

Status: Buildings that need your support and charity.

Its quite remarkable how much music, architecture, and art thats been given to the world by religion, and no matter what your denomination or faith or whatever, one cannot help appreciate the amazing tributes, trinkets and pray-places to the variable guises of god.

Now obviously I'm a big fan of anything that naturally colours our London streets and I'm not about to start any religious wars over who's got the best god. But I do like most of the old churches in London, even though they are in homage to some supposed entity who is, er, in charge of us all? I think that these worshippers have done a superb job to please their invisible superiors. They have given London some of the most beautiful arenas.

st pancras parish church, london
Euston Road - - 2006                                                                                                

These often spired inspirations soar towards the heavens and are usually the basis or centre of any township or community, and possibly the most attractive buiding in town too. It seems that through the ages, even when the chips are down, theres still no expense spared in paying duty to ones spiritual essence. And without a doubt it shows in the showpiece wonders that scatter our streets. Therefore i'm horrified to see these buildings being neglected, abused, or even trashed.

It's very rare that any religious hangout is a building bore, ok, so maybe a few christian gaffs of recent years are a poor relation of their medieval brethren, but i'm afraid thats down to constraints of revenue, and desperation to be modern. but most religious relics are superb. Great houses of prayer built in honour of some ghostly and imaginary friend and creator - I cannot say that good old athiesm has produced any decent architecture at all. Well shame on them.

I'm sure the world has always known that churches in any form can be the most splendid of buildings. Throughout time, they have always been the most expensive in any town, the highest, and most ornate place in any community. Sadly, this fact has not halted the lack of appreciation from rival religions or the odd speculator. Holy hangouts, which in the past suffered burning and looting, now get flattened for car parks and even turned into smelly pubs or cheap housing.

Its terrible that any of these lovingly crafted buildings might be altered in any way especially in the pursuit of profit. I occasionally see a sympathetic refurbishment into a business of home, but too often there has been an act of total flattening, or just the use of the facade. Ive even seen the ruthless rubbishing of a graveyard, its poor gravestones dragged to the side and succeeded by a playground.

Westminster Abbey, London
Westminster Abbey - - 2006                                                                                                

With this progression, it seems that more churches have been destroyed than during the reformation. Sadly, its all down to economics, and the changing religious trends. But this buildings are such works of art, they all desperately need to be saved. Put any hatred aside, and feed the collection plate. Amen.
Charles (of London Town)

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