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London Kensington Roof Gardens

Theres a secret paradise, a heavenly alcove touching the clouds. Can be an unbearable hell during parties and bar brawls, because this place is sadly doubling as a lounge and entertainment venue, which I think destroys it as a place of love, solitude and contemplation. Like a little spanish village, this looks down upon the traffic and malaise, but up there on your own, sparring with the pink flamingoes and water lilies, you are in another, special world. Built in the 1930's, it's a fairytale wonder covering over an acre, and I think it's the perfect dreamscape. Heaven is here. For everyone.

March 2006 , and I return to the dear old gardens in the sky. Sadly, the Roof Gardens are getting more and more just a corporate hangout and seminar location, a far cry from it's earliest incarnation as a beautiful art deco lounge. But nowadays, the piano is sidelined so that conference deligates can enjoy the scenery and free bar. This does at least mean that there's no riff-raff allowed in (except myself, of course, but then I have more riff than raff). This allows for a pleasant viewing experience, and no bloated tourists (apart from me).

I was delighted to get reacquainted with my tropical duck friends, who were ever so tame, and waddled up to me, expecting lots of food to be thrown at them. Oh dear. Maybe next year, my quackable creations. I sat alone in the gardens, and all was quiet. It is paradise, you know.

After dark, the decorative lights are on, and it adds further to the wonder of the place. I would love to live there, it's like some kind of religious shrine, and would be nice to come home to. Suddenly, the clink of wine glasses broke the atmosphere, and an eager waiter appeared. Sigh... this is a roof garden of eden, not a cackle of corporate crud! Cheerio, until next time. I had to leave to rejoin the horrible human race.

Kensington Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens

These days are all gone now
but some things remain

God gave you grace
to purge this place

Made in heaven...
It's for all to see

Days of cool reflection

London Roof Gardens

London Roof Gardens Just a safe place to hide

I descend upon your earth
from the skies

Who heed me not...
Let all your treasures make you

Listen to the breeze,
whisper to me please

Water babies singing
in a lily pool delight

London Roof Gardens

London Roof Gardens Am I dreaming?
Oh... it's bliss

Seagulls are flying over...
Swans are floatin' by...

This could be Heaven for everyone

While there's a wind
and the stars and the rainbow

A misty castle waits for you

It's all so beautiful...
like a landscape painting in the sky

London Roof Gardens

London Roof Gardens It's unbelievable....
sends me reeling...

And the dreams of the world...
in the palm of your hand

These are the secret secret Gardens of love. A not too spoilt pasture of pleasure, hidden and guarded, and right in the heart of London. Thankfully, this peace haven is not overrun with tourists and slovens of the modern day. One of my most favourite places on earth, and long may it remain so.

Charles (of London Town)

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