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Tooting Granada Cinema

2006 What a crackingly great momument to gothic art this old building is. Now lurking as a bingo hall, it sits on a smelly high street, and isnt so cute from the outside. but go through the doors and you are in one of the most highly decorated gothic halls in the world. The detailing is magificent, and it is everywhere, even at the back of the circle. Journey starts in the foyer, looking like a royal palace, and the double staircases take visitors to the sacred hall of many mirrors. The opening from this onto the temple itself does not prepare you for the grandeur about to hit your eyes. Beware! The gothic, however, does not sit easy with the bingo trivia, but at least that might have saved it from demolition. I had to pretend to play bingo to take these photos. Oh dear.

Tooting Cinema

Gothic building

old Tooting Cinema

Art deco cinema

Art deco building

Tooting broadway

gothic cinema

Tooting Hall of mirrors

Built around the 1920's, this old gothic cinema resembles a church with all the trimmings. One of the main features is the huge Wurlitzer Organ that appears hydraulically from beneath the floor. Otherwise, it is a highly decorated work of art. Must be seen. Once called the Granada, and now called the Gala Bingo Hall, it used to be a major player on the concert circuit, and the Beatles have played here, as well as Frank Sinatra, Vera Lynn, and Jimi Hendrix. Wow, what an amazing history!

Charles (of London Town)

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