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Good Manners, Politeness, Courteous Behaviour

Status: Unfashionable and corrupted by correctness.

It's not necessarily just a londoner's way, or even just an english way, but it has been such behaviour that, for many centuries, has been such a great example to the world in how to treat ones fellow man, and is now looked upon with such distaste by the political trendies that exert a ghastly influence on the capital's citizens. It seems that nowadays, in the eyes of most people around, and in the media, that polite behaviour is frowned upon, whereas the grotesque and slovenly arrogant swaggering styles are revered and copied. How could this be? Polite behaviour is a part of London even more valuable than it's buildings. I definitely don't want to see it destroyed, and i'm sick and tired of all this hateful rudeness.

Good manners
"Good evening"

It's also a shame that common courtesy has gone the same way, as has chivalry and other ways of conduct. Where are the queues of olde, and the good deeds of giving way to the ladies and elderly? It's got so bad that the frightening behaviours by some people mean it's impossible to be in their midst. And then there's the noise, the litter, the mess, the robbery, the racism, the vandalism, and the general sweeping sickness of our poor, destroyed London. Just how can they view this as acceptable behaviour?

Gentlemanly behaviour
"Splendid weather"

Just look at the hooligans and sub-cultures or even non cultured cultures that want to substitute the gracefulness of polite society with their creeping sickness of hatred and violent arrogance. I dont think it should have a place here. So what if pleasant behaviour, and goodness to one's fellow man seem to be outmoded attributes? It's just their excuse to wreck the pleasant greetings and manners that Londoners once treasured and were proud of. Then what happened? Slowly but surely the erosion of society has plagued London over the last few decades. Such is the unwarranted hate for good manners that people put rudeness and vulgarity above all else. These senseless yobs and zealots and bigots have evolved within all levels of London society, seeking influence from modern day gangsters and all the worst degenerate traits that the world can provide. It's a horrific backlash and rebellion against a more refined and dignified way of living.

Victorian values
"Charmed i'm sure"

No longer the friendly greeting available to all neighbours, no longer the inviting ever open front door. Now, only to cower in fear along with the power stripped police, fearful of free reigning crime and intimidation from the chewing spitting swearing bilious bullies. Drugs, drink, guns, litter, gum, violence, road rage, graffiti, a lack of any decency, and a deportment of zero honourability - thats all that seems to be encouraged. And, just to oversee the decline, we get a token increase in PC Pc's, hands well tied behind their backs.

Victorian values
"Delightful day!"

Criminals today have amazing success in justifying their crimes with pleas of poverty and underprivilege. This is so absurd, and so astoundingly backed up by the correctness crazy lobby and the media. Stupid governments have been seduced and scared into throwing more money at various communities that house these hoodlums, maybe hoping it will cure crime. How incredible. Well, I'm poor, I don't rob anyone, and i'm sick of reading these incredible excuses from villians and politicians who are arguing for a hoodlum's licence to rob, harm, and be vulgar.

Lager lout
"xxxx xxx"

In London today, it's seen as just too dignified to be polite. Too incorrect. In this crass cosmopolitan cauldron of chav, it's not 'cool' to be seen to act as ladies and gentlemen. It's too 'old order' to announce a charming "please" or "thank you" or "good morning" to ones fellow Londoners. Now it's only acceptable to act beastly or with blasphemy. Bad manners or insults used to be rare, and quite amusing, in days gone by. Now it's the norm. Manners were not the result of victorian oppression, just the acts of a highly cultured society. You will only hear such pleasantries now in the hypocritical platitudes of fake Customer Service. Have a nice day? I need a holiday... far away from these ill mannered louts.

Charles (of London Town)

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