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HS2 - London

Status: Mass demolition. London's wasteland

2021: HS2 demolition site next to Euston Station in London. A quiet old community wiped out. Houses, pubs, and hotels flattened. And for what? They desperately want to construct this extra fast train service to up north, but don't they understand that the pathway they chose is already taken by homes, communties, businesses and parks. They have flattened a massive area there. And thats just in London. This project ploughs through 100 miles of land, all the way to Birmingham. They are even carving up woodlands on the way.

The devastation at HS2 Euston
Euston's HS2 wasteland, November 2021

HS2 stands for High Speed Rail: Phase 2 - The first phase being the London link to channel tunnel. The decision to build the starting terminus for HS2 at Euston, means that they have pulverise a path from there and smash up anything that stands in its way. Thats a lot of demolition, and a lot of destruction. A lot of lives ruined. Now there is a wasteland next to Euston station waiting no doubt for some incongruous building shape to materialise, to replace the lovely quiet old district that existed there.

Optimistic billboard

This is a terrible way of behaving against ones citizens: Turfing them out for a pittance, only to destroy their abode or business. It's not that we need HS2. I don't think we do. It's just an extravagance. Whats worse is that it causes pain and heartbreak to the victims who lay unwittingly in it's path. Surely there are better and more benevolent things we can do with our money and resources.

London Destruction's HS2 Movie

Like Crossrail, this is another project that isnt necessary, and causes much destruction to construct. There are now less places to visit in London, because of the many buldings that have been levelled by HS2 and Crossrail. Soon, all there will be in London are masses of huge stations everywhere with nowhere to visit once you get here.

Why didnt they wait for some positve technological advancement like the Hyperloop? Then bury the stations underground. Or why not spend the money on improving the rail that we already have, and making the tickets a reasonable price? It's not fair that so many of our services are run for massive profits. I'm very sorry to everyone who has suffered from this project, not just in London but up and down the country, but I'm sure this won't be the last silly idea that will be realised at any cost.

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