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Charles' London Architectural Journal 2012

London Skyline London Panorama Meanderings of an Londoneering Castaway.
A series of Charles' occasional observations. He does go on a bit... Shuffling soon to a street near you.
Jan 2012 X-Factor 
Hello there. Welcome to my journal, still neglected after all these years, thanks to work commitments. Ok, its a new year, 2012, supposedly the end of the world, so farewell to you all. In the meantime, we shall celebrate London's architecture, and also be in dispair of the ghastly happenings that have ruined London forever, like the hell of the Crossrail construction everywhere, and how it had destroyed parts of London forever, especially in Soho. It's painful to look at.

Anyway, I quite like the way that the Shard is looking, not everyones cup of tea, but then again, what is? It's only about as high as the Chrysler Building of NYC but is a true goliath on the London skyline. Very interesting indeed.

Otherwise, London is still in the grip of stupid politics, and the poor man is being squeezed out of existence. London is a sad place to be for a lot of us. Can we survive? There is nowhere to turn...

And, as ever, travel on the tubes remains to be one of my stunning sights. Never in life is one packed close to so many people behaving so uncivilised. What's the worst thing I saw last year? The violent nutter that intimidated everyone on the tube train, and nobody could stop him for fear of getting arrested themselves. Thats how naff London has become. Although there is a good video of some people chucking someone off a train for not paying, although there is already talk of persecuting the hero. Hands off our vigilante!!!

Oh well, bye for now. Thanks for reading...

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