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Charles' London Architectural Journal 2013

London Skyline London Panorama Meanderings of an Londoneering Castaway.
A series of Charles' occasional observations. He does go on a bit... Shuffling soon to a street near you.
Jan 2013 Trouble In Store 
Hello everyone. Sad start to the year, as Yahoo froze me out of my own email account. I guess they just want to free up memory space. Anyway, sorry to all if i'm late in answering queries, until Yahoo let me access things.

Anyway, any year now I can see myself getting back in the swing of things with this website, but for now, dont have the time. At least Angelfire are letting me access this account. Oh dear. Access Denied, etc. I'm sure some of my dear readers have a nice Access Denied story of their own.

And so, for this year, it's a possible goodbye for now. Snow had advanced onto the capital, so keep your balance, and dont fall over. Charles.

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