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Charles' London Architectural Journal 2022

London Skyline London Panorama Meanderings of an Londoneering Castaway.
A series of Charles' occasional observations.
He does go on a bit...
Shuffling soon to a street near you.

April 2022

Holes In Pockets 
This is all dreadful. I seem to be completely penniless these days, as I just contibuted a large amount of cash to those bandits at county hall for my Council Tax. Of course the London Mayorship has never been anything but another level of government that we can ill afford. What a terrible waste it all is. If I was mayor the first thing I would do is suspend the Mayorship and dissolve the London assembly and then sack myself and save London zillions of pounds.

Well, the economy has gone to the dogs, but why? Greed and profiteering. Those that decide the price of things could put all the prices down tommorow, I'm sure (almost). Another great depression looms, with me and a wheelbarrow of ten pound notes to buy a loaf of bread.

Went to see the Ukraine vigil at Downing Street and felt terribly sorry for what that country is undergoing. I can hardly believe what is happening, pulverising a great nation into dust, murdering all those civilians. I dont get the excuses for the west to not step in and save them. Surely anyone would if you saw someone being killed, you just would have to step in, wouldnt you?

March 2022

World War Three 
Oh dear, war in Europe, costly heating bills, inflation, covid. Why can't the world be a happier place. I'm sure we could do it if we tried. Then everybody could be in paradise. My heart goes out to the brave and wonderful Ukrainian people. And all this evil talk about nukes and annihilation. I just can't believe it.

Went to see the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace . It's been some years since my last visit, and how wonderful it all was. The brass band there was on jolly good form. Nice day. In Britain, her majesty celebrated 70 years on the throne, so I likewise celebrated the fact by having a cup of tea. Cheers, ma'am.

Sadly heard that Late Mangeskar died, so I put on her music of course. Listened to Mera Saaya Saath Hoga again and cried as much as the first time that I ever heard it.

February 2022

Domino Effect 
Hello Everyone. I must report that I made a nice trip to Camden Town to see how things are over developing, and sure enough they didnt let me down, the movers and shakers are moving in and shaking the old foundations of the area that is rather dear to me. Terrible. I think that I almost got lost there, such is the tragic mess that they've made of it. Didnt feel like home any more. Oh dear. I looked for the place with the nice bowl of curry, but I couldnt see it. Instead someone offered me a morsel of something at the end of an extra long chopstick. Sorry, no, I said. I was rather set on the curry.

Otherwise, had a great day out in my favourite museum, the V&A. Now, in almost post covid mode, it is more accessible and lively, and I can't wait for the covid thing to be on the back burner. It's boring. Anyway I saw a very good show there about Faberge, lots of jewelled eggs and the like, very good. Looked around the museum, noticed that all the new areas are now gleaming white, that does not suit the old victorian building. The restaurant was very white too, and the much hyped tiles of the new courtyard are, in fact, just a load of very gleamingly white tiles. Would have prefferd some colourful islamic ones, really.

Counting the pennies, they say that we are doomed to suffer mass price rises, and it's either heating or eating, so I'm sitting here typing in a big overcoat and extra large hat. Looking forward to that nice tin of soup, then it's to bed to keep warm. I might stay in bed till the spring, that'll be cheap. Oh well, good luck everyone. Cheerio!

January 2022

Culture Cancel 
Hello Everyone. It's just like a new year again. How fantastic. And quite warm, even for me. Well, after a few tedious chores, I was out and about again in dear olde London Town, and it's really good to be here. I wish this boring covid thing would wind up though. It's very very boring. Even as viruses go, it is relatively extremely boring, stopping everybody from having a good time and making everyone ill and ruining the economy. Wheres the fun in that? And we have to have injections and wear a silly face mask and be fed up.

First outing of last month was to get out and climb that rediculous 'Mound' in Marble Arch. Now, I know I told everyone that it's a very stupid idea and it's bound to collapse at any second, but I thought I'd give it a try. Well, the thing is that the day I went up there it was freezing and at the top you have no protection against the elements. And yet I viewed a nice sunset of many colours and was excited to see that you could make out other parts of London like the Shard and Battersea Power Station. And it didnt cost nowt, which is always a bonus.

Forced myself to take a look at the 'Winter Wonderland' in Hyde Park, another free offering, and for that price you got an endless trail of standardised fun fair options, some of which were amazing temporary constructions, and some that were quite good designs. The place smelt of a certain urinatory substance mixed with the odour of a very cheap lager. Not nice. It was interesting to have made the visit, another cold day to have spend in the open air for a few hours. Ran home for some hot soup.

Made the return visit to see how Crossrail had made minor alterations to the West End, and I was not happy. Some lovely buildings they have pulled down, and London's history is being slowly eradicated. I hear, shockingly, that they have plans for Crossrail #2. Oh no, that's terrible news. Maybe they have already dreamt up a Crossrail #3, Crossrail #4, HS3, HS4, HS5. Oh dear. I bet poor Doctor Beeching is probably turning in his grave right now, poor chap.

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