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Kings Cross Station Concourse

Status: Looks better already.

2001 What a very splendid and mighty station frontage they dideth construct back in those fine olde days of the 19th Century. And thereafter, what a ridiculous act it was, when, some years later, in a twisted attempt to supplement it's now insufficient space, they constructed a grotesque green gargoyle of a carbuncle to leech upon our station facade.

kings cross station

It's within the retarded mindset of our current ruling statemen to destroy anything of beauty, this just to cater for the endless increase in people. The King's Cross Carbuncle was the result of another mindless plan. An insensitive blob of artless pap, nailed on to the station's former glory and blotting out a truly fantastic mound of romantic real estate. And how utterly worthless this new concourse was, an ugly crooked construction, it's only success was in obscuring a great part of London's pride. With a partly covered taxi rank, it's just no more than a public convenience.

Kings Cross Station's facade was once a proud dynamic showpiece. This creation is now wearing the ugly mask of a cut-price canopy, with a landscape of unpresidented unpleasantness. This original splendid facade was a typical warm and grand victorian pronouncement, with its lovely clock tower, hugh arched windows, and giant British Railways characters. This hid the coldness of the train sheds, and had a design strength to hold its own with it's glorious neighbour, St Pancras Station.

Within time, the frontage was partly concealed by some shops and an ornately tiled entrance to the Metropolitan tube, and this was a cute and fitting extention of the age. But since then, with the old tube block demolished, Kings Cross has been defaced with this giant Nissan Hut of a concourse. It's appearance is now nearly as bad as Euston, that once elegant brickwork now lurking ashamedly in the background, stripped of its lettering, and spoiled by that dung pile of a outhouse. Examples of the old station are hidden behind ugly adverts and bad paintwork. A once proud building face abused by this seeping concourse bunion.

harry potter, kings cross, platform 9

The area and Station, once a pleasant place selling the thrills of train travel, was reduced to being a den of criminality and vice. The latter day addition of the new and stupidly unreadable novelty clocks only added to the absurdity. The station's recent funtion, a starring backdrop to Harry Potter's dynasty, did naturally avoid any heraldation of the dead station frontage and its collapse into disfuctional derrangement. It's very fortunate that platform 9 exists in the prettier and so far untouched rear segment of the station. It's more of a reminder of how the front section used to be, and still could be. Untouched, that is, for now. For as the unnecessary addition of the extra carbuncular Eurostar Terminal comes nearer, and the building works get more and more punishing, then the days of this Hogwarts departure scene looks more and more numbered.

old kings cross station in better days
How beautiful our station once was.

Heaven knows what hell King's Cross will resemble once the Euro-mess has been finished. I've read that they plan to rid the facade of this ugly limpet. But for now I find it hard to look upon this once fine station without filtering out the passenger hall carbuncle with my hand. Even the Oasis Supersonic video was filmed at an angle to avoid the creepy carbuncular. Is it any wonder. This ugly concourse needs to be pulled down immediately to let the full flavour of the main line's facade let beautiful light into this cave of corruption. An underground bunker could store passengers on departure, of maybe they could wait in the rain. Whatever it takes to force its glorious features from early retirement.

Charles (of London Town)

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