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Heres a few slightly related Links.
I hope you like them. I certainly do.

Webrings This is a page containing links to other websites with similar tastes to the London Destruction Site. These links are in the form of 'Webrings', which are collections of websites related to the same subject. Just follow the instructions to architectural heaven. How very splendid this all is!

HRH The Prince of Wales This chap quite often resides in London. Has, amongst his interests, a developed sense of right and wrong in the architectural department. I admire his carbuncular descriptions of modern day monstrosities, and revisionist theories of London's darkest hour. He also talks to his flowers, and has a rather interesting family history, as one often does.

Fred Dibnah Our Fred was a crazed eccentric steeplejack on a mission to dribble over the wealth of London's ancient buildings. He loved anything architectually wonderful, and understood ancient construction theory. Dear old Fred died in 2004, after doing many a season of programmes on BBC2, which I watched and learnt from. He liked old architecture, as did I. The BBC Website had a page, hopefully they will keep it going as a tribute: BBC Website,

John Betjemin My hat goes off to this old hat-wearing studious londoneering chap who did so much to start the conservation trends of the late 20th Century. He was a learned writer and poet in parellel with his efforts as a seasoned campaigner over the architectural follies that fouled up lovable London. He led many a protest to stop this diseased demolition madness, and had a most favourable eye for beautiful buildings. This site gives you the lowdowns and the highdowns on the master. Did I mention the poems?

London Visions This top hole website is a jolly good all rounder when it comes to London tourism. Theres an inexhaustable glossary of up to date info and ideas on here, well worth a visitation or two. This site is absolutely on the button in a briefing and debriefing on this our dynamic captivating capital community, has an out of this world professional interface, and is seductively inviting to the budding travelleer. I think i've covered everything.

Classic Cafes This chap know exactly what i'm on abaht, when dreaming of an earlier London with Tearooms and those brillaint olde formica transport cafes, where one could get a luverly cuppa and decent grub for three and thrupence halfpenny. Visit this website for the ultimate glossary of the surviving and lost little havens of hiccups and moussaka surprise. Fan-tas-tique!

Intbau This tasty acronym actually stands for The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism, which says it all really, and it looks like these peoples are working hard to restore traditional building ethics into the worlds consciousness, and you cant say fairer than that. Good luck everybody!

Roger Pattenden Models Fortunately for us all, this chap creates a beautiful selection of model buildings. These treasures include the lost Euston Arch, and the Globe theatre, carefully constructed so we may all enjoy great examples of architecture in our living rooms, all for a fantastically low price.

UK Goodies This is quite a find for everyone that wants a piece of London sitting in their home or business. UK Goodies sell everything from phone boxes and pillar boxes to pub signs and street signs. Well worth a visit with your wallet and credit card.

Victorian London A taste of Victorian splendour from this site, and i'm very happy to recommend it to my readers, especially their architecture section.

Charles (of London Town)

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