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Englishman Lost in New York City

Charles and New York. New York and Charles. No matter how you look at it, these two get on like a house on fire. It used to be my second home, although home was a park bench in Central Park. But it's a great experience being moved along by the NYPD every hour. Thanks, officer.

I love New York. Full of architecture on the grandest scale. Higher, and so very overwhelming. And still loads of older buildings, left alone. Thats as it should be. Sadly, I've not been back there for years, and fear doing so, as my favourite stop used the be the World Trade Center. Still, I had many happy trips there, me and my camera, that is.

Empire State Building, 1990
Empire State Building, 1990: Entirely splendid shot I did of the old thing lost in the low clouds. I can smell the hot dogs now, and hear the traffic, and the sirens, and the voices. Take me back to good ole NYC, and order me a $1 pizza. Actually, better make that 50 cents.

Statue of Liberty, 1987
Statue of Liberty, 1987: Photo from the base, before I took the winding staircase in Liberty's interiors, so I could stare out from the head. It's a long ordeal to do the trip, but of course it was worth it. Strange even now to think that Liberty is full of steel girders.

NYC Bus Station, 1990
Bus Station, 1990: At the end of 42nd Street, this is one of the first views one takes in of NYC if you came in by bus. The Station itself - that red thing with the girders, was the host for much criminal activity, and was best gotten out of immediately. I lived to tell the tale.

Top of the World Trade Center, 1987
Roof of the World Trade Center, 1987: Every trip to NYC meant at least one visit to the WTC, and on this day the roof was open, the sun was out. And so with camera at the ready, I made yet another ascent. To look down on this giant man-made landscape, see the curve of the earth, and the distant police sirens. Absolute bliss. World Trade Center twin towers... I miss you awfully...

CBGB's, Omfug, New York 1986
CBGB's, 1986: Smelly old punk rock concert bar which very sadly got evicted in 2006. World famous, and rather excellent, and worth a visit on every trip. I had some great nights here, and was in awe of it's great reputation. Dreadful toilets though, often with no lights, no toilet seat, no toilet door, and no toilet paper either. but what the hell, it was brilliant. Good bands and fantastic atmosphere and history. Sadly those nasty evil developers moved in and took away one of New York's major landmarks.

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