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Charles goes to Paris

Actually, readers, I've only gone to Paris a few times, and it's here that I present to you my holiday shots of buildings and the like. I think that the french have more respect for thier old architecture, but of course there is the old odd carbuncle here and there. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1975
Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1975: This is me and my camera rounding the corner to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time, and taking that all elusive early morning photograph. It's one of those times in ones life when you confront an familair image that you've seen in books and on TV, but there it is before you, and you step back in amazement. The ride to the top was sensational.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, 1991
View from Notre Dame, Paris, 1991: This old antique might be well worn thanks to the tourists, but they thankfully still let us plod through it. It's a marvellous view from the top, and a magnificent exterior to stand and stare at for hours. Tragic that it got burnt down to the ground.

Palace of Versailles 1991
Chateau de Versailles 1991: Ah, I remember it well. There was I, lost in France, cant speak the lingo, but luckily, most frenchpersons could speak better english than me, allowing me to enjoy the great Chateau on the edge of Paris. Marvellous. Sadly, none of my interior photos came out. Maybe I had my thumb over the lens.

Chateau de Versailles 1991
Chateau de Versailles 1991: The landscape gardening is indeed quite awesome, and a great deal of work was done. A long length of statues surrounded the long lake, and this lot, above, were shipped in from lands afar, just on some whimsicle notion. And why not?

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