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Public Houses

Status: Still suffering from refurbishment madness.

Now please forgive me in advance, but I like a nice tipple as much as the next man, or lady, and I like particularly to enjoy it in one of London's most marvellous little Ale Houses that have for centuries graced this town and indeed all Britain, in one shape or form. These fine establishments have delivered refreshment to many a Londoner in the fashion and ambience that has indeed been a great catalyst to the art of relaxation and nourishment. They do this by craftily moulding a warm and wonderful atmosphere where people can eat, drink, and enjoy pleasant conversation. It has always been a reliable source of therapy where the weary worker or traveller can partake in the downing of a satisfying range of supplements, from a nice pint of warm english ale to a nice cup of tea.

George Pub, London, near the Royal Courts of Justice
The George, opposite the Court of Justice.

Sadly, this peak of our greatest traditions have been eroded and corruped over the years, finally metamorphosing into the cold destitute 'bars' that beseige these London streets. It doesnt help either that many surviving beautiful old public houses are being trashed or revamped into vulgarity. At best, its seems mostly a financial incentive to violate the peace of the regular pub by brutalizing it with loud music, or sports televisions, or even gambling machines. Even the fare maybe downgraded to soda-syphoned euro-lager, with the food a pre-processed mush. Communication and drinking suddenly becomes an enourmous task of desensitized combat. What a calamity.

Dog and duck pub, London
The very splendid Dog & Duck of Soho!

Fortunately, there does seem to be a cultural backlash here, whatever that may mean. Market forces doth decree that theres still a lot of demand for more demure alehouses of old, even if they may be slightly restyled and repackaged into more palatable outfits. Some breweries came to realise that both Londoners and tourists still love the real ale and dickensian atmosphere of olde, the warmth of the fireplace, the quietness, and the beauty. So amongst the horrid noisy modern lager joints of today, we do find the odd hospitable establishment spring up.

Salisbury Pub, Covent Garden
Covent Garden's superb Salisbury pub

This maybe a happy ending, but for the fact that the more financially unsound family practises are closing weekly, and being gutted into boring theme bars or offices, and these are the more architecturally valuable examples of the genre, as well as being a more satisfying experience. Thats because there's nothing like supping amongst the ancient ghouls and ghosties, and no more soothing sight than one of a tudor coaching inn on the horizon. Time gentlemen please!
Charles (of London Town)

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