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St Pauls Cathedral, London

Religion hath given the world many things, and some of the buildings have design beyond measure. Just to stand central beneath the dome and look skyward is a most splendid feeling. And the creepy ascension of stone steps and narrow walkways past the whispering gallery and into the heavens is a throwback to a less commercialized era without doubt. And the view of the world is nothing compared to the view of the dome consruction within.

Shocking that this medieval collosus maintains its posture, especially after 400 years. surviving the blitz as it did. It maintains a good feature on most of London's horizons, and yet may yet become swamped by skyscrapers.

st pauls cathedral

I used to see this place as a venue of refuge and sanctuary, and often went there just to sit and meditate. The baroque innards and ambience seemed to be the most relaxing there was. Then one day, early nineties, I got to the door and was charged a wad of cash to get in. Economics meant I had to leave dear old St Pauls to the tourists. And christians, of course. Oh well, I suppose I can always buy a video of the inside instead...
Charles (of London Town)

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