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A few thoughts for the Think Tank


Just to get things into perspective, all I wish to do is to philosophize upon the facts as I see them. There are people in power, who, almost unchecked, are ruthlessly destroying the beautiful buildings and environmental nuances that make London so lovable and attractive. A desperate thrust towards higher profits may be involved. Its only human nature. Its high time we addressed this problem before everything dear to traditional London is lost forever. One by one our loveable buildings are being wiped out, with no body or collective ready or able to do anything about it.


Building after building succumbs to the executioners axe, as London is slowly but surely altered for the worst. Lovable old buildings, some centuries old, built with loving care and artistic ingenuity, are being wiped out for both sadistic pleasure, greed, or political mismanagement. In some places, they will leave the building or facade, whilst mutilating its innerds of original design, panelling, plasterwork, carpentry and rendering, replacing everything with a mindless sterile fitting. But its not only the buildings that they want to dismember, its the traditional and naturally evolved London that they want to wreck beyond recognition, to be spoilt forever and downgraded into some ghastly theme park. And all throughout this wastage, Londoners have been sidelined into impotent observancy as they see their heritage, rights and livelyhoods watered down and flushed away. They have no control over the major players in this tyranny. There is no voice to contain the onslaught.

The Players

The major players in this game are:
  • Developers:
      Desperate for a fast buck or two.
  • Architects:
      Craving to leave their mark on something.
  • Government:
      Putting elections before heritage.
  • Media:
      Some newspapers are strangely silent about this problem. Never a cross word. Never running a big campaign to save London from being steamrollered into submission.
  • Mayor:
      Teetering on the edge of buffoonery. Signing off any demolition project.
  • Conservationists:
      These so called protectors of our heritage stand aside when the money men put the pressure on. In some ways these people are the worst of all.
  • We the People:
      Whispered talk at dinner parties is not enough. Disgust at reading of another demolition job is ignoring the capitals major plight. Populations only seem to warm to financial or spiritual mishaps, but preserving beauty is what really matters. We're all letting it slip away.
  • The London Destruction Website:
      Not so much a major player as a desperate last stand to save London. A sad, hapless little Website. A Small frightened little rabbit frozen in the face of the Bulldozers headlamps. The dirty used piece of chewing gum stuck on the architect's heel etc, etc.

I can only conclude that at this rate, only a few beloved artifacts will be left after all the other crafted obscurities have been betrayed and levelled. Gaggles of tourists running the gauntlet from one no-go pedestrianised area to another. Barren wasteland excepting ministerial cars and sightseeing tourbuses. London lost forever. A reality scenario. This site goes some way to highlighting a few disturbing elements of London's slow destruction. But its up to the people to keep this matter as a priority. For if we put the saving of beautiful buildings over greed and trivia, we are surely doing the right thing. Please: Write and protest! Talk, discuss, observe. Above all, enjoy traditional London whilst it still stands. Save London from Destruction!


I can only suggest that London's buildings and traditions be salvaged. Replace all of our lost architecture by exact facsimile, just like they've done with the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. We could then restructure London to its pre-developer state. That would be splendid. Whilst i'm here, might I also venture to suggest a return to victorian values of courtesy and politeness? I would love to see some of these modern day sociopaths locked up in the tower, just like the good old days. Marvellous.

The London Destruction Website.