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Englishman abroad in USA and Canada #2

A few more photographic memories from myself, across the plains of America. I used to like going there, but I believe that now for me to enter the USA, a sad and defenceless englishman has to get fingerprinted and eye scanned as if a crooked villain. Sounds like I would feel quite unwelcomed. What is the world coming to?

Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party, Boston, 1987:
Scene of the great Tea Party of 1773, when some rather outrageous colonials dumped lots of lots of my ancestor's tea into Boston Harbour. I wept at the thought. How could they have done such an evil thing! All that lovely tea gone to waste. I was thinking of taking a swim with my mouth open.

White House, Washington DC, 1987
White House, Washington DC, 1987:
It's a great little town, with plenty of touristy things to do. Here at the White House, Ronnie Reagan was the prez, and I cant be sure if he was looking out a me, wondering who I was. Decided to click the shutter anyway, whether he liked it or not. It was a fabulous few days in the capital, and I saw a lot of good history and architecture. The FBI museum was particularly gruesome.

Niagara Falls, Canada side, 1986
Niagara Falls, Canada side, 1986:
Looking down into the abyss, as they say, and the roar of billions of gallons of water going over the cliff edge, with the occasional iceberg for company, and in winter making shards of glass icicles pointing to the sky, and the steam and spray from the power of impact on the river. Yes, it was all so truly mesmerising, and I stayed at Niagara for a day, just taking in this natural phenomenon. It was quite scary to get this close for the shot, so I didnt hang around.

City Hall, Toronto, 1987
City Hall, Toronto, 1987:
After the obligatory trip up the CN Tower, which was probably a bit too tall, I was down to earth at the City Hall. This selection of faces greets the visitor, and actually depicts the councillors of the time as a bunch of ghastly gargoyles. Rumour has it that the architect fell out with these officials, and got his own back with these stone effigies. I'm sure that they were well pleased with his work.

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