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Old Painted Wall Advertisements

Status: Fading fast, please preserve

Part of Londons heritage is hidden beneath a few tins worth of badly slapped-on emulsion, and where these old adverts do still appear, they are a fascinating hint of bygone days. Well worth initiating a huge preservation order or two onto some of these literal masterpieces.

Painted Wall ads

Music Roll Exchange: Would you believe that I took this photo in 2006, and piano rolls have been popular since around 1900, so how long has this sign been up? Lets say 70 years. I went again to see it during xmas 2006, and the damn thing has been scrubbed! Oh no, I was totally sickened. What stupid kilroy killjoy bought this building and thought to himself that he better clean the wall of that ancient sign? Oh good grief. Oh well: Music Roll Exchange sign: Destroyed 2006.

Only a quick recce will reveal many of these old painted signs and ads. These are ancient commercials, long before the colour printed version came about, long before London's wall art graduated into the 50ft plasma screens that are now in place at Piccadilly Circus.

Many old victorian adverts reveal themselves when an old hoarding gets trashed or maybe falls down, showing a glorious unspoilt past. Just how many of these fabulous old ads are obscured or been ruined by an exquisite paint job?

Old Wall ads

Like the old architecture of London itself, these sweet old signposts of the past are always on the doomed list. But long may we enjoy them!!! Couldnt they be coated with a nice layer of varnish, or bullet-proof glass? They are our glorious history!

Old hoardings

This stuff is everywhere, particularly in central London, although maybe not too close to the centre, where so many older gestures are subject to obliteration. And it's not violent graffiti: Its part of history.

Painted hoardings

So next time you are around the streets of London, look up, and around, and then behind you, especially on the high roads of urbania. It's even better on the top deck of a London bus. And see what you can see. What sort of artistic manifestations will you behold?

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