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euston arch Euston Arch
Grand gateway to Railroad Travel. This item stood guard over Euston travellers, and made the ultimate gesture, the supreme sacrifice.

wembley stadium Wembley Stadium Twin Towers
World famous sporting monument. Fantastic designs, roman temples, religious iconography.

baltic exchange Baltic Exchange
Victoriana in marble, glass, and wood carvings. Blasted, restored, and blasted again.

routemasters Routemaster Bus
King of the Road. Nothing on earth beats the grand old open access red bus. Long live the Routemaster!

old mappin and webb Mappin & Webb
Bank Tube Station once had an elegant friend. But this building was in the eye glint of every evil speculator.

old liverpool street Liverpool Street Station Interior
Back to the days of British Railways. Pleasant trips, commuter fun, whistles, steam, and cheap tea.

old leyton Claremont Road
London's east end disappears under new M11 link road. This is the story of one last stand against tyranny.

kensington market Kensington Market
Hippies and Punks unite and make over. Winding trails of novelty, laughter, and mystery.

portcullis house Bridge Street Palace Chambers
Making way for fat bloated MP's. Former foil for the commons and big ben.

broad street station Broad Street Station
Liverpool Street's sister terminus pulled down for Broadgate. But this was history they were ignoring.

old tube stations London Tube Station Buildings
Architecture from happier times gone by. No plastic used here. Everything cute, carved, and crafted.

marquee club Marquee Club - Wardour Street
World famous rock music venue plays it's last ever power chord.


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