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Case Studies #3

victoria and albert museam extension V&A: - Libeskind extension
Not the best design to grace our glorious museum. Maybe some top notch nobody trod where angels fear.
STATUS: Scheme abandoned

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Channel Tunnel Rail Link
Cut the heart out of St Pancras, strafe the terrain with concrete, build yourself a nice new Eurostar Terminal block.

tate modern Tate Modern
Innard churned out for modern mass meanderings. Used to look better when derelict. Is it art?

millenuim dome Millenium Dome
Blank Cheque for elitist booze-up in beer tent. There was no point to it all. None at all. But it costa packet.

peckham library Peckham Library
So this is better than trad design? Or is it worse? Or are people being told what to think? Think for yourself!

vauxhall cross bus Vauxhall Bus Terminal
Ski Slope appears in South London. What a waste for time and money. A shelter which doesnt shelter?

city hall, london City Hall
Mad Mayor's fight against frugality. So this is where the council tax money goes?

portcullis house Portcullis House
Costly chimnified sweat shop for piglet politicians. Upstaging the area with it's horrible posing pouch.

british museum portico British Museum South Portico
Double dealing founders fraudulent fakery. Spot the difference? They couldnt. They were counting the cash.

kings cross station Kings Cross Concourse
Grand Station Facade ruined. What have they done to the Kings Cross Area. What are they still doing?

british library British Library
Hardback Haunted House of Horror. Billions over budget. Unbearable and unapproachable.

pimlico houses Pimlico's Georgian Houses
Charming Terrace makes way for crap corruptable Car Park? That's what they threatened to do.
STATUS: Saved but upgraded.


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