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North America - USA & Canada

My American travels, brought to you thanks to the good work from my trusty old camera - and myself, the chap who points it towards architecture and the like. I also have a couple of destruction studies in this section, showing some tragic New York losses.

One upon a time, Charles would set sail from blighty, with his cheap little camera. New York was waiting in earnest for that day to arrive again.

usa & canada friendship USA & Canada Photo Gallery #1
USA tour, with Charles posing as intrepid explorer, armed only with compass and phrase book. But how would anyone understand him?

north america USA & Canada Photo Gallery #2
Continued photographology of Charles on his USA tours. This was a sort of non history in the making. I only just made it back alive.

world trade center NYC NYC World Trade Center tribute
Ode to the Twin Towers that we loved, lived, and lost. I miss them. Surely those great goliaths are not gone!

penn station, nyc NYC Penn Station tribute
A temple to trains. Now all that's left are the platforms below ground. But once, we had classical architecture!

The London Destruction Website.