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camden town tube station Camden Town Tube Station
19th Century masterpiece. Essential regulator for population control. Built to last a thousand years!

public conveniences, london Public Convenience
Constable! Where's the bog? I'm bursting! And I'm not going in no Tardis either.

smithfield market Smithfield Market
They want to build yet another office block. Guess where? Yes, just on top of some glorious history.

camden stables, camden market Camden Stables
Winding alleyways of alternative novelty wares in a gorgeous victorian setting. Keep the high street stores out! Protect our traders!

red telephone box Red Telephone Box
Home from home with a tele-phone. Now being chased into extinction. What's wrong with the cheaper replacements? Well...

old tube station architecture Tube Station Architecture
Splendid originality obscured by modern sterility. Will they never learn to leave well alone?

old tube station fittings Tube Station Decor
Painted over, or replaced by formica tops. Modernised into dust. What a calamity!

battersea power station Battersea Power Station
Neglected, bullied, but still standing defiantly. Heart torn out, our beloved waits in the snow for rescue.

elephant and castle shopping centre Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre
Suffering from smear and scorn. This mighty organism, gathering of friends, and suffering victim.

Kings cross gas holders Kings Cross Gasometers
Sculptured Ironworkery. Part of the furniture, and another classic goliath of old London. Demands TLC and GSOH.

old london market Borough Market
Mysterious streets of olde London. Alleyways of traders and the stench of Dickensian delights. Part of us, the blood of englishmen.

intrepid fox. wardour street. soho. punk pub Intrepid Fox
Alternative Punk pub in Soho. A haunt of ghouls and ghosts and other gothic delights. Plenty of blood on tap.

Culross buildings, stanley buildings, king's cross Stanley & Culross Buildings
Old King's Cross council housing on the once old peaceful backstreets of London, now surely doomed.


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