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My London Favourites

**Just a sample of where you can find Charles on his day off.**

Theres a few places in London where i'll find tranquility, and that includes a few buildings too. This, as always, is nothing but personal choice. You may disagree strongly... thats your privilege... but heres hoping that the features featured in this little section do not ever have their status described as 'destroyed'

roof gardens, kensington Kensington Roof Gardens
Heaven Is Here. Or there. And it's above the old Biba store. Are we really still in London Town?

highgate cemetery Highgate Cemetery
Here's one I dug up earlier. Eerie goings on amongst the vines and overgrown weeds taking highgate back to the earth.

tooting granada cinema Tooting Cinema
Grotesque gothique on the old high street. Exquisite panels, mirrors and surprises.

port of london authority building Port of London Authority building
The bestest building in the City, possibly. Hiding as the backdrop to the Tower Of London. It's behind you!

hotel russell Hotel Russell
Ode to ornateness, symbol of sadness, tribute to triumph. And it's here in good olde London's west end.

trellick tower Trellick Tower
Goldfinger, before he became a Bond villain, was once a crazed architect. Here, look yonder, and digest.

st pancras station St Pancras Station
Still my favourite building, and it's a masterpiece in excess of everything, which says it all I think.

st pauls cathedral St Pauls Cathedral
A great hallowed place of worship to enjoy, if you can afford it. Excellent decor, and nice view.

lloyds building, london Lloyds Building
More than just fancy modernism, this mass of shiny metal is great, but there's a sad ending to this story...

Savoy Hotel, London Savoy Hotel
Ten star hotel is the Strand's answer to elegance. It has everything about an old time haunt that you ever dreamt about.

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