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Destruction Stories #4

A few further items that need a champion and saviour from those who might cast the first sledgehammer.

Dixon of Dock Green Bobbies On The Beat
Crime in London is out of control. You can never find a policeman when you want one, but be careful what you wish for.

london libraries Local Libraries
Ornamental houses of published publisized publications. Libraries gave us power. And some sweet architecture.

londons churches London's Churches
Many a medieval hallowed worshipping paradise. Untouch these temples, no matter your denomination!

politeness Good Manners, Politeness, Courtesy London Society. Where did it all go wrong? Where hate is king, and violence is cool. Correctness can kill.

london cafes Cafe Society
Londoners need more than fast food joints. Take yourself back in time to where good standards were on the menu.

london pubs Public Houses
The great old british drinking pub type establishments. What more can I say about this home from home, the beer stained parlour.

london roads Roadspace
An open and shut case. What a mess the government have made of our limited road space. But why should they care?

private car Private Car
Poor Man Persecuted. They're pricing everyone off the road. Why? Motoring is pleasure, not a toff's tinkerings. But there are no champions here!


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